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Since 1989, we have been your Rome-based Italian technical translation provider, specialising in translations and language consultancy from and into Italian, English, French and Spanish. With a team of highly qualified professionals and almost 30 years’ experience in the technical translation field, over the years our boutique translation agency has worked with a wide range of international companies in the industrial and service sectors, as well as many private individuals. Our regular B2B clients include engineering, manufacturing, banking, medical and scientific companies. These are diverse organisations, united by the need for a competent, reliable and professional language partner like us.

Rome-based Italian technical translation provider

Our boutique translation agency offers technical translation and language services

As your Rome-based Italian technical translation provider, we offer a wide range of language services to individuals, freelancers and companies who need their texts translated from English, French and Spanish into Italian (and vice versa) or who want to improve their Italian language skills.

Technical translations

The translation of technical content requires specific expertise in the field and in-depth knowledge of technical terms. The professionals working for our company follow a precise and rigorous working method, which allows us to offer translations that are accurate and faithful to the original text. Discover our different areas of expertise:

Industrial translations

Translations for engineering and plant building

Financial translations

Medical and scientific translations

Creative translations

Transcreation, or creative translation, is a service for companies and marketing agencies that need to translate or adapt a creative text into another language.

Copy editing

Copy editing is the process of checking a translated or written text for consistency, inaccuracies, grammatical errors, stylistic problems and typos.

Language consultancy

This is a service for individuals and professionals who wish to improve and refine their oral comprehension and expression in Italian, English and French.

Our team of specialist translators

Our boutique translation agency works with a number of professional freelance translators, depending on the sector and project. This enables us to provide a fast and high-quality language service to companies and professionals in a wide range of sectors. All members of our team have excellent language skills and extensive experience in their field.

Dora Rossetti

Certified Italian translator and linguist, Dora has owned and run this translation and language consultancy company in Rome since 1989. She specialises in technical translations for the manufacturing and engineering sectors from French, Spanish and English into Italian.

Claire Flipo

A native French speaker, Claire has many years’ experience in the oil and gas sector and specialises in industrial translations for welding companies. She works from Italian, English and Spanish into French and is a member of ASETRAD (Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes).

Sebina Zisa-Davies

Italian by birth, English by adoption, Sebina is a linguist and microbiologist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. An expert in life sciences and microbiology, she translates scientific texts from Italian into English and from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian.

Silvia Marzi

Bilingual Italian-German, Silvia holds a law degree, is a court-appointed expert at the Court of Rome and a sworn German<>Italian translator recommended by the German Consulate in Rome. She deals with sworn and/or legalised translations and language revisions in the legal field from and into German.

Thanks to the experience of our staff in various specialist fields and the use of tools used by leading translation agencies, our boutique translation agency is able to deliver technical translations of impeccable quality in a short time. Do you need a competent and reliable technical translator in Rome?