Translations and Revisions

for the Finance universe

Translations and revisions for the Finance universe

Do you need your legal, managerial, organisational or reporting documents to be translated from or into English, French or Italian? Meet your specific internal or regulatory language-related requirements for your financial reporting or board of directors meetings!

Investment Banks and Asset Managers

are among our regular clients

Over 20 years of experience through direct and regular collaborations with a group of investment banks added value to our knowledge and skills in translating financial-related contents. Being part of a world-leading financial group with offices in Italy, Ireland and Luxembourg these banks operate at international level.

In detail, we specialise in asset management, investment funds, regulatory compliance and market analysis related subjects.

The financial industry operates in the present while leaning on the past and projecting into the future. Much like a tightrope walker, the finance players make cautious as well as risky steps towards the desired result! This dynamic makes my translation work equally lively and engaging.

A focus on the translation and revision of Internal Audit reports

We mostly translate the minutes of internal audits, carried out by the Internal Audit departments of our clients, in different language combinations that include Italian, English and French.

The Audit Reports are functional tools used to systematically detect the degree of compliance of the organisational structure as well as assess and reduce the risks of non compliance of management, monitoring and control activities.

We dedicate our utmost attention and expertise in the process of both translation and revision of the Audit Reports, to get an excellent result in content and a full compliance with the relevant harmonised terminology.

We directly report to the representatives of the Internal Audit and Compliance Departments. Under the current provisions on Supervision for banks (Circular no. 285 of 17 December 2013 of the Bank of Italy), the Compliance function performs all the activities envisaged by the Regulation and Policy. They include the disclosure requirements to the Supervisory Authority, the suspicious transaction reports, or STRs, according to the disciplines of market abuse, money laundering and so on. The Internal Audit Function instead is responsible for the third-level controls. It verifies the adequacy of the activity carried out by the Compliance function for the observance of internal and external legislation, for compliance with the objective of a solid and prudent management and for the control of risks and the compliance with the regulations of all countries in which the banks conduct their activities.

Our services fall within the requirements of both internal and external regulations that provide for such documents to be drawn up in the languages of all countries where the banks do their business. Since the premises of our customers are in Italy, Ireland and Luxembourg, our working languages in the financial sector are Italian, English and French.

Examples of other regularly translated or revised texts for the finance universe

  • Audit reports
  • Financial reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Macro-economic and micro-economic analysis
  • Minutes of the board of directors
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Legislation
  • Reports of remote controls carried out on areas of competence of the Compliance function
  • Documents on Compliance risks
  • Audit plans
  • Non-conformity risk assessment documents
  • Business verification documents based on adequacy indexes to develop early warning mechanisms
  • Documents aimed at verifying procedures and customer protection controls effectiveness
  • Documents aimed at verifying the implementation of the corrective actions to those processes identified as weak

How we work

We tackle each new task with the same enthusiasm as the first, but with the processing methodology that over time has proved effective in guaranteeing optimal results.
Here’s how we proceed each time we are entrusted with a document:

  1. we read it carefully to identify the specific technical field to which it belongs;
  2. we analyze it from a terminological viewpoint;
  3. we translate it in complete respect of the style and tone of the original, with the help of specific glossaries created over time by sector and by customer, carrying out relevant online searches;
  4. we read it again, more than once, before the final revision, at intervals of a few hours or a day, to eliminate eventual typos and refine its overall cohesion and quality;
  5. we submit it to a final review at the hands of an experienced reviewer;
  6. we deliver it to the customer, always within the established terms and in the established format.

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