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Hi there! My name is Dora Rossetti and since 1989, I have been working with engineering companies, heavy industries, industries 4.0, financial institutions, as well as academics, researchers, professionals and private individuals satisfying their needs for high quality technical translations from English, French and Spanish into Italian.

If you are in need of an Italian language specialist, you are in the right place!

As well as being your Italian language reference, I can help you with all your English, French and Spanish needs. In fact, after several decades of solo work, I founded my Technical Translation Boutique in Rome continuing to serve my clients with the valuable collaboration of my hand-picked team of trusted native translators and linguists. Today, we can offer you translations and linguistic consultancy in all possible combinations between our 4 working languages and in various sectors.

Our workflow always includes a 4-eye translation plus revision process, which has proven to be highly effective in delivering flawless results.

If you are in the industrial, financial or scientific world and have any current or future translation and/or proofreading projects or language needs, do not hesitate to contact me.

Call or write to share your language goals.

Dora Rossetti's hands on a laptop working on Technical translations and Language consultancy


Technical translations

Specialist translations for industry, engineering, finance and science.


Adapting the text to the culture of the target language.

Revision and proofreading

Correction of drafts and multiple checks of grammar, style and content.

Language consultancy

Improve and refine presentation and conversation skills.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Supervision and coaching for freelance translators.


Best practice

We approach each new job with the same enthusiasm as the first, but with the processing methodology that has proven itself over time to guarantee optimum results.
Here’s what we do every time a document is entrusted to us:

  1. We read it carefully to identify the specific technical area to which it belongs;
  2. We analyse it from a terminological point of view;
  3. We translate it with full respect for the style and tone of the original, using specific glossaries built up over time by sector and by client, and carrying out relevant online research;
  4. We read it over, more than once, at intervals of a few hours or a day, before the final revision, to eliminate any typing errors and to refine its overall cohesion and quality;
  5. We submit it to a final review by an experienced reviewer;
  6. We deliver it to the client, always within the agreed terms and in the agreed format.

Dora Rossetti certified translator in Rome waving hello with her hand

A few more words about how I work

As a certified translator and the founder of Your Technical Translation Boutique in Rome, Italy, I am personally responsible for the management of my language company, from the initial contact with you to the delivery of the completed job.

I am either be directly involved in the various stages of the translation, revision and/or proofreading process, or I take on the general supervision and final revision of the content entrusted to me, as the case may be. This happens when I deem it necessary to involve my team of native translators and linguists who are experts in the field.

This approach has been, and continues to be, effective in meeting the diverse internationalisation needs of all of my clients.

Tell me more about your language project. I can help you reach your goal quickly and efficiently!

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