Tailored Italian Language consultancy services

Dora Rossetti Italian Language consultancy services

If Italian is your second language (or maybe your third, fourth and you name it), I offer you my language consultancy services to help you fine-tune your listening, speaking and writing skills and meet your goals.

To sharpen your oral and written skills in Italian you need practice. Let’s do it together!

Master your Italian listening and speaking skills

Maybe you have just been told you need to do a presentation in Italian, but feel you need to improve on your fluency and pronunciation. Or perhaps you want to be sure it will have the intended impact on your audience by taking some language training sessions.

Maybe you have a public presentation in Rome, a job interview for your favourite Italian company, a conference call with your Italian colleagues, a university exam in Italian, a business trip to Milan or you are just planning to relocate in Italy.

Together we will identify, build and practice the vocabulary you need to gain more confidence in your ability and succeed at the much-anticipated event.

Take your written and spoken Italian communication to the next level!

Together we will look at what your short and long-term goals are in terms of global communication, and I will advise you on what I think is the best approach so that you can achieve these goals in the shortest possible time.

Whether you wish to boost your speaking, listening or writing skills in Italian, you can always count on me for help where you need it most.

Let me help you get your C2 level of Italian