Tailor made Italian language consultancy services

Dora Rossetti Italian Language consultancy services

Learn and brush up on your Italian skills with a professional translator who is a native Italian linguist!

If Italian is your second language, I can help you. If Italian is your third, fourth, fifth, whatever, I’ve got you covered.

I offer you my language consultancy!

How will my language consultancy services help you with your Italian? They will help you:

  • Fine-tune your listening.
  • Improve your speaking skills so you can have more skilled conversations.
  • Improve your writing skills, whether that be for personal or professional use.

Improving your speaking, listening and writing skills in Italian takes practice and I’m here to help you!

People mastering their listening and speaking skills

Do you have any specific goals you’d like to achieve to improve your Italian?

Just let me know and we can work on it TOGETHER to make sure we go above and beyond what you expect!

Take your written and spoken Italian communication to the next level and contact me today!

What are some examples of someone who may benefit from my Italian language consultancy services?

A view over Rome from the Gianicolo hill at the sunrise

Let’s go over a few to see if you may be one of them!

School or life oriented

  • You may have learnt Italian at school and have a good command of the language. But now you’d like to spend a year or two in Italy, or even move there permanently! You’ve received an incredible job offer and need someone to refresh your memory and get you speaking like a pro again!
  • You may even have just been informed that a university exam is coming up in a month or two and that the exam will be held entirely in Italian.
  • Perhaps you want to improve your Italian listening and speaking skills because you’ve just been told that you have to give a presentation entirely in Italian. I can help you improve your fluency and pronunciation for your speech and presentation so that you feel comfortable presenting and answering questions from your audience. Or perhaps you want to be sure that it will have the intended effect on your audience by having some language training. Either way, we can do it together!

Business oriented

  • Or how about a conference call with your Italian colleagues where you want to be able to take part in important discussions, make notes and contribute to the call?
  • What about a business trip to Milan later in the year, where you would love the opportunity to network and make business connections?
  • Maybe you have something BIG coming up when you travel to Rome for a public presentation. It could even be an interview with your favourite Italian company that you’ve been trying to impress. The stakes are high and you want to be on your A-game.

There are so many situations where improving your Italian is a priority. It can really make a big difference!

Together we will:

  • Identify, build and practise the vocabulary you need in order to gain more confidence in your abilities and to be successful at the event you are eagerly awaiting.
  • Look at what your short and long term goals are in terms of global communications and I will advise you on what I think is the best approach to help you achieve those goals in the shortest possible time.

Whether you want to improve your speaking, listening or writing skills in Italian, you can always count on me to help you where you need it most.

Let me help you reach your C2 level of Italian