Website translation into Italian: Why is it so important to rely on a certified Italian technical translator when setting up your business in Italy?

Website translation into Italian: Why is relying on a certified Italian technical translator so important for your business?

An accurate website translation into Italian is an essential step if you want to effectively reach your target audience and promote your products and services as you establish or expand your presence in Italy. An accurate Italian translation of your web content will enable you to communicate clearly with your customers, attract new prospects, improve sales and increase revenue.

Website Italian translation or localisation?

When it comes to website content, I would always recommend opting for localisation and not just translation. The main difference between an accurate translation and an accurate website localisation is that the latter involves the transformation and adaptation of content on a broader communication level. This includes both explicit and implicit messages that the target audience receives from the tone, style and fluency of your content, leading to immediate and more effective engagement.

In other words, by applying a localisation approach, all text, video and images will be adapted to the cultural expectations and tastes of the target audience. This is to achieve the maximum engagement result while retaining the meaning and style of the original materials. Localisation also takes other aspects into account. Punctuation, local currencies, units of measurement, common payment methods, date and phone number formats, are just some examples. This thorough linguistic customisation enhances the natural user experience and ensures that relevant content increases the conversion rate of the website.

5 reasons why you should rely on a certified Italian translator

The internet is full of free websites and plug-ins for automatic translation into various foreign languages. Hundreds of product descriptions, blog articles and other web content can be translated at the click of a button. However, is it really worth using these tools? The answer is no when it comes to business! Here are the main reasons why it is better to rely on a certified Italian translator:

  • 1. Human language can hide ambiguities and shades of meaning depending on the context of use. An automatic translator cannot always capture these nuances and may provide incorrect translations.
  • 2. Most of the time, the software does not take peculiarities, idiomatic expressions and conventions of the source language and the target language into account. The simplest example is the idioms and phrases typical of a country, which often cannot be translated literally.
  • 3. Machine translation programmes do not detect grammatical or semantic errors or gaps in the original text, resulting in incorrect or incomplete translations.
  • 4. Free software does not know the specific terminology and technical jargon of each business or professional field.
  • 5. Finally, search engine optimisation (SEO) is not taken into account. Translating a website for SEO purposes is essential to increase its visibility on search engines and ensure a good number of visitors and conversions.

A certified Italian translator, on the other hand, will know how to adapt the content to the target market and sector, producing naturally engaging, fluent and effective texts. Selecting the most relevant keywords and providing all the necessary data to publish SEO-optimised content is also a peculiarity that can only be achieved by relying on a human Italian translator.

Italian technical translations for websites

For B2B companies in particular, the content of a website can be highly technical and complex. In fact the translation of product sheets, installation and user manuals, guides and online tutorials requires specific experience in the field and knowledge of specialist vocabulary. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Italian translator who is already familiar with the type of products or services your company offers.

For over 20 years, I have been providing technical translations from English, French or Spanish into Italian for a wide range of clients, in particular engineering companies, manufacturing industries, international banks, university professors and scientific researchers.

If you have a highly technical website to be translated into Italian, contact me for a free quote!

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