Technical translations

When you translate technical contents,

experience in the field of competence is vital,

whether obtained in the field or through specialised studies!

We have both….

Technical translation services for the industrial sector

We started in the field of technical translations back in 1989 in the surreal world of heavy industry, integrating over the years initially the various sectors of the manufacturing industry (traditional and 4.0) and later engineering and plant engineering.

In time we added finance to our set of skills, in particular those aspects of finance which are linked to the management of mutual investment funds. For almost 20 years we have worked alongside a group of investment banks with offices in various European countries.

Financial translations

Scientific and medical translations

Thanks to the direct involvement of our in-house linguist/microbiologist who handles each phase of the translation and revision of all scientific content, the scientific and medical sectors have been the latest and newest among our technical set of specialisms.

Do you need to have your industrial, engineering, financial or scientific content translated or revised from or to English, French, Spanish or Italian? Entrust your project to our expertise and experience!