About Dora Rossetti and her Translation Boutique

Dora Rossetti certified technical translator in Rome

Hi and welcome to Your Technical Translation Boutique in Rome.

I am Dora Rossetti, a certified Italian translator based in Rome.

Together with my small and well-established team of native-speaker colleagues and industry experts, we help manufacturing, multidisciplinary engineering and construction companies, investment banks, academics and scientific researchers to translate and proofread their technical, administrative, management and informational documents so that they reach their customers, collaborators and readers quickly, consistently and effectively.

When I was a little girl, I had big plans for my future. I first (utopically) wanted to learn all the languages spoken in this world and to explore every corner of the globe. However, things didn’t quite turn out that way.

Even though I can’t claim to speak more than English, French, Spanish, a bit of German and Italian, my mother tongue of course,

and with so many places left on the map still for me to visit, I do know one thing: it’s only a matter of time!

However, some of the ambitions that I have been able to realise have been: to live in Rome, Italy, and to become a professional technical translator and interpreter.

As far as the latter is concerned, I am forever grateful to all my clients for giving me the opportunity over the past 30 years to be at their side as their interpreter in steelworks, industrial sites, conference rooms and business meetings, and for entrusting me with the task of translating and proofreading their confidential documents and public communication materials.

In fact, my long-lasting collaborations prove to me that my clients value my professional services, and that’s undoubtedly rewarding.

Tell me about your translation or revision projects and let’s make them a success!

I am always delighted to be able to provide tailor-made language support to meet the needs of each of my clients.

Knowing that I have met, and in many cases exceeded, their expectations gives me a great sense of achievement. The trust that many clients continue to place in me and my team after decades of working together is a great testament to this.

Manufacturing, engineering and finance are the industries I focus on in my work.

These are highly specialised fields that require passion, knowledge and accuracy – attributes that also happen to describe my personality to a tee!

My team of trustworthy colleagues

Claire Flipo

Claire Flipo French translator

Italian, English and Spanish to French. Member of the ASETRAD. Direct experience in the Oil&Gas industry, expert in welding.

Sebina Zisa-Davies

Sebina Zisa Davies Scientific translator

English, French, Spanish and Portuguese to Italian. Linguist and microbiologist, member of the Royal Society of Biology. Expert in bio-sciences and micro-biology.

Silvia Marzi

Bilingual Italian-German, law graduate, CTU at the ordinary court of Rome and sworn legal German<>Italian translator recommended by the German Consulate in Rome. Responsible for our sworn and/or legalised translation needs.

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