Hi, I’m Dora Rossetti!

I thought it would be useful to compile the most frequently asked questions and answers that have arisen over the years to give you an idea of how my team and I work to meet all your language needs.

Table of contents

  1. General questions
  2. Translations
  3. Revisions
  4. Language consultancy
  5. Mentoring
  6. Tutoring

1. General questions

What services do you offer?

We can help you with:

What languages do you work with?

We regularly work from and into English, French, Spanish and Italian as a group of trusted Italian, English, French and Spanish linguists.

How do I contact you to tell you about my project and ask for a free quote?

You can contact Dora Rossetti, head translator and founder of this translation boutique, directly at d.rossetti@traduzioni-tecniche.it to discuss your requirements or you can fill in this form and attach the content that you need translated, edited or adapted. You will receive a reply within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call Dora on +39-330-880873 during office hours (GMT+1) to see how she can help you meet your needs.

Does my quote have a deadline?

Our quotations are valid for 3 months from the date of issue. If your offer has expired, please contact us to renegotiate.

Can we meet in person?

If your office is in Rome, Italy, we will be happy to visit you to discuss how we can best approach your project. Otherwise, we can arrange a Skype or Google meet-call.

Why should I choose you?

We have been working in this industry since 1989, after completing our academic studies and gaining a lot of experience in the niche areas of our speciality, i.e. manufacturing, engineering, finance and science. Most of our clients have been using our services for over 20 years. Here is a list of some of them. Over the years, we have developed a working method that enables us to provide an impeccable service. For quality control, we have a trusted team of colleagues with the necessary language combinations and specialisations to double check the project.

When and how can I pay?

Upon completion and delivery, we will issue an invoice for our services, which you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Our invoice will state the amount quoted, without VAT or other taxes, according to our tax regime, and a 4% compensation for social security contribution, according to law 662/96 art. 1 c. 212, plus a 2 euro stamp if the invoice is over 77.47 euros.

2. Translations

What are your areas of expertise?

Do you work only B2B or also B2C?

Our clients are both companies and individuals.

Do you accept small assignments?

Yes, we accept very small orders. For regular clients, we hold any outstanding amounts and issue a single cumulative monthly invoice. For one-off clients, we apply a basic rate of 1 hour.

Do you create glossaries?

Our CAT software allows us to create a bespoke glossary for each of our regular clients to ensure terminology and style consistency over time. We regularly submit each client’s customised glossary for review and approval.

What file types do you accept?

We accept all file formats without distinction. Overwritable formats will be returned exactly as the original. Non-overwritable formats will be translated into a separate Word file, taking into account page breaks.

In addition to the text to be translated, what other information should I give you?

It is always helpful to know why you need the document translated, the intended audience, whether you already have a glossary or reference material to consult and, of course, whether it is urgent or not.

How much does a translation cost?

We charge a per-word rate for source text, which varies depending on the language combination, text type, size, length and delivery date. In general, our rate can vary between EUR 0.08 and EUR 0.14 per source word. If you provide us with more information about your project and send us the document, we will be able to give you an accurate quote, including cost and delivery time.

What is the general delivery turnaround?

We translate approximately 2,000 words per day. To give you an example, if your document contains 12,000 words, it would take us 6-7 working days from the date of your written confirmation of our quotation, assuming we can start work on the document that day. If we have another job in progress, we will agree a suitable delivery date with you.

What about urgent translations?

In the case of urgent translations, in order to reduce delivery times, we can work during the holidays, possibly involving some of our trusted colleagues. In this case, the standard rate is increased by 20%.

3. Revisions

Can you check the accuracy of a translated document?

Of course, we can proofread or revise your document against the source text to ensure compliance, or we can simply review/adapt the final text to make it fluent and effective for the target audience.

What are your rates for proofreading, revision and adaptation?

As with translation, the cost of proofreading, revision and adaptation is calculated per source word and can vary between EUR 0.02 and 0.04 depending on the type of action required, namely: correction of typing errors, grammar, style, revision of content or adaptation of content to the target language, culture, etc.

4. Language consultancy

What are the services included in a language consultancy?

We can help you improve your listening, comprehension and speaking skills in Italian or English as a second language. Clients who request this type of assistance usually want to feel more confident with the language before a public presentation, an interview or conference call, a university exam or a business trip. Some have recently moved to Italy from abroad, while others are Italian citizens who have moved to a foreign country where they need to be fluent in English.

What are your rates for a language consultation?

Our consultancy rates are calculated on an hourly basis, taking into account the objectives to be achieved, the time available, the issues to be explored and the number of sessions required. Our standard hourly rate varies between €15 and €30 depending on the type of support required.

5. Mentoring

What is mentoring?

Dora Rossetti’s mentoring programme includes her willingness to share her thirty years of experience as a freelance translator with you. Please write to us with any questions you may have as you develop your career as a freelance translator.

What do I get with your mentoring programme?

Dora Rossetti’s mentoring programme will give you all the answers to your questions about translation, proofreading and freelancing.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Dora Rossetti will be happy to share her experience with you.

6. Tutoring

What is tutoring?

Dora Rossetti’s tutoring programme is a kind of distance learning, a tangible help in building your freelance translation career, and can include both theory and practice.

How does tutoring work?

Practice includes a series of written translation exercises, which I will correct and send back to you with feedback and some helpful advice for your continuous improvement. Theory includes all the topics and aspects of the profession that we can cover at your request, including those that you feel you need most and excluding those in which you already feel confident. We will also highlight your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve your performance at the various stages of the translation process.

What are the topics we can address during tutoring?

  • bidding
  • receipt of order confirmations
  • text processing
  • formatting
  • respect of delivery times
  • respect of style and content of the source text
  • terminology research
  • glossary creation
  • use of CAT
  • delivery of the translation

What is the duration of your tutoring programme?

Our distance learning programme lasts three months.

How much does a tutoring for new translators cost?

For more information on the cost of our programme, write Dora Rossetti at d.rossetti@traduzioni-tecniche.it and you will receive all the details within 24 hours maximum.

What will I get at the end of your tutoring programme?

At the end of your apprenticeship period, you will receive:

  • The opportunity to get involved in real, regularly paid projects
  • A reference letter to be included in your CV
  • The possibility of your name being added to our list of trusted contributors who help us during periods of increased workload.

If you have not found the answer to your question: