Technical translations

Dora Rossetti, Italian technical translatorStudio linguistico Dora Rossetti is a translation boutique based in Rome, Italy, owned and operated by Dora Rossetti together with her in-country team of qualified linguists.

Our well-established portfolio of regular clients includes engineering companies and investment banks based in Italy and abroad, as we exclusively focus on the industrial and financial sectors to offer highly specialised translations and tailor-made linguistic services.

The type of documents we are mainly entrusted with are technical, organisational and commercial texts to which we dedicate our utmost attention and competence.

Our studio is committed to making personal time for each client and to meeting each client needs in order to obtain the highest satisfaction possible based on quality, time and budget agreed.

Reliable translations from your technical translation boutique you can rely on!

Special attention is given to the accurate translation of technical terms, for which the collaboration and support from the client, an expert in his sector, is always welcome. This has allowed us in time to create highly valuable tailor-made glossaries per sector and per client.

Industrial and financial translation services from English, French and Spanish into Italian!

Through the convenience of e-mail service, today we can simultaneously satisfy requests from clients in Paris, Boston or Madrid, without leaving the screen. Just a few years ago, this was unthinkable and at times I still find it unbelievable.Real-time e-mail service worldwide!

Real-time e-mail service worldwide!


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