Sectors of specialisation

I am specialised in technical translations from English, French and Spanish into Italian.

Several years of experience in the translation of technical documents!

Most of the translations entrusted to me belong to one of the following sectors:

  • Finance and banking:

Macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis

Financial statements

Audit reports

BoD reports





  • Industry:



Machine tools

Consumer electronics

Hoisting devices and Lifts

Electronic Detectors and Sensors

Food regeneration equipment for catering services

  • Energy:

Oil and gas

Renewable Energy

  • System certifications and business organization:

Quality Assurance according to ISO 9000 Standards, “Vision 2000” (Manuals, Procedures, Instructions…)

CE Marking and relevant harmonized standards (Conformity Certificates)

  • Technical standards and rules :

EU directives

Product specifications

Sector rules

Specifications and procedures

A deep knowledge of the sector concerned assures reliable translations!